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Building a foundation of digital literacy for your organization

Our team of experts and renowned facilitators are able to help you and your teams better understand the key concepts that shape our modern digital world.

We are able to provide custom training on topics such as

Digital government trends and digital governance practices

Data science, analytics and data visualization

Understanding modern technologies and their policy implications

Ethical considerations related to the use of digital technologies and data

Design thinking and human-centered design approaches

Introducing agile management practices

Working effectively in remote and distributed teams

Developing an innovative culture in your organization

Digital Leadership Training with the Institute on Governance

Through our partnership with the Institute on Governance we offer opportunities for you to deepen your digital leadership skills and knowledge.

Our highly acclaimed Digital Executive Leadership Program is a one-week intensive course for public sector executives at all levels of government who want to better understand the leadership challenges and opportunities of the digital era.

Since its inception in December 2018, the program has graduated almost 200 participants across 13 cohorts representing over 40 different government agencies from across Canada. The next cohort launches in Spring 2023.

We also offer a half-day Digital Leadership webinar that provides an overview of the evolution of digital government and how governments in Canada and around the world have been increasing their digital acumen to deliver better services and improve policy development.