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Generative AI in the Public Sector: Review of Existing Employee Guidelines

By Jacob Danto-Clancy, Digital Policy Analyst, Think Digital

As Generative AI continues to evolve and is further integrated into public sector operations in Canada and around the world, it’s important to understand how different jurisdictions and early adopters are governing its use by their workforce. We recently completed an environmental scan that was commissioned by The Regional Municipality of York (in the Greater Toronto Area) as part of their efforts to better understand potential use cases for Generative AI.

Introducing Our Digital Maturity Assessment Model

By Meghan Hellstern, Facilitator & Trainer, Think Digital

Anyone who’s been working in the world of digital transformation for any length of time knows how vexing and persistent the challenge of evaluating progress can be. Digital transformation is complex, and even more so in the public sector, where there are many moving parts , siloed and stovepiped operations, and overlapping and intersecting dependencies and initiatives. How to make sense of it all!?

Catch-up on Season One of Let’s Think Digital!

By Ryan Androsoff, CEO & Founder, Think Digital

Earlier this year we launched the Let’s Think Digital podcast. Our mission behind the podcast was to help you learn about how digital technology is impacting our world (particularly from the perspective of government and public services), and how to ask better questions and get beyond the hype of the newest tech so that you are able to call bullshit when you need to.

The Metaverse is Coming: Is Your Organization Ready?

By Ryan Androsoff, CEO & Founder, Think Digital

In the past few years one of the most hyped terms in the tech world has been the “Metaverse”. First coined in Neal Stephenson’s 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash, it evokes the idea of a persistent, connected online experience that we can explore with all our senses.

Some 38,000-foot Reflections on Think Digital’s First Year

By Ryan Androsoff, CEO & Founder, Think Digital

I’m writing this blog post as I fly back to Ottawa after having spent a week in Dubai as a guest at the World Government Summit where I participated in a panel about the Metaverse and hosted a fireside chat about the future of government digital services. I’ve always found travel to be a great opportunity for reflection, and there is indeed much to reflect on over the first full year of operations at Think Digital.

Insights from Think Digital’s “Pac-Man” workshop at FWD50 2022

By Luke Simcoe, Associate, Think Digital (along with contributions from the Think Digital team)

Here at Think Digital, we tend to agree with the idea that “culture eats strategy for breakfast.” No digital or innovation strategy will succeed if organizational culture isn’t aligned with its aims and methods.

But we know culture doesn’t tell the whole story. Culture is elusive; it’s emergent. You can’t really change culture, at least not directly. But you can change the things that determine and produce culture, like how people are rewarded (incentives) and the way decisions get made (structures).

Policy Making in a Digital World: Loosing Anarchy or Future-Proofing Democracy?

By Winter Fedyk, Associate, Think Digital

In Canada and around the world, the digital revolution is giving rise to a new society.

In the mid-1990s, governments came alive to the challenge of the internet and online platforms for the first time.

Today, the digital transformation of public services and the institutions of the welfare state is one of the greatest challenges facing federal, provincial, and municipal public servants. They are building a new plane while they fly it.

The “Pac-Man” model for rethinking how government works

By Ryan Androsoff, CEO & Founder, Think Digital

Governments around the world are facing unprecedented change. The digital revolution has upended expectations around service delivery in all sectors of society. The COVID-19 pandemic forced both citizens and government employees into more fully online modes of interaction than ever before, and it is very likely that much of that change in how we work and receive services will be “sticky”. Put simply, there is no going back.

Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s 14 Points for Management — Applied to Accessibility

By Mike Gifford, Associate, Think Digital

I recently came across the work of Dr. W Edwards Demings and his work on quality management. I was introduced to it in an episode of the IAAP United in Accessibility podcast. I had heard of Total quality management (TQM) but not much more. These management frameworks are very applicable to our current challenges with digital accessibility.

Think Digital Takes On Digital Disruption

By Ryan Androsoff, Founder & CEO, Think Digital

I’m thrilled that we have announced the launch of Think Digital, a new company focused on the vision of creating a future where public institutions are able to adapt and thrive in the era of digital disruption!


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