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Past Episodes

(Help shape the future of this podcast! Take our Season 2 listener survey at If there’s a running theme this season on the podcast, it’s about how we seem to be stuck in the mud when it comes to our efforts to modernize government for the digital age. Check out our previous episodes this...
A few weeks ago, I got a late night message on our team’s Slack that made me do a double-take and was – to be frank – a real shock. It was a link to a Reddit thread that was titled “Ontario Digital Service is Officially Dead.” ODS had a simple but ambitious mission: transform...
It’s only been a year since our last episode on artificial intelligence, but already a lot has changed. It seems like Generative AI is everywhere and everyone, including governments, are struggling to keep up. So on this episode Ryan is joined by a special co-host Jen Schellinck, Think Digital Associate and our resident expert on...
If you haven’t heard of FWD50, you should! It’s one of the premiere conferences on digital modernization in government and exists to help answer one vital question: How do we use technology to make society better for all? Many of this season’s podcast conversations were recorded on location at the conference in Ottawa last November....
It’s fair to say that most governments don’t choose to use open source by default. Despite efforts over the past two decades to make open source solutions a viable, or even default solution in government, there’s still a lot of skepticism. Those in decision making positions often raise concerns around security and reliability compared to...
We want government to be innovative and not be left behind in the digital revolution. But this comes up against the reality of the structures, incentives, and culture of most public sector organizations that resist change. As a result, and as we’ve been talking about on this podcast, our efforts to push forward digital transformation...
As digital technologies become increasingly embedded in the fabric of the built environment, there are real questions about whether our cities, where 8 out of 10 North Americans live, are truly ready to be digital or smart cities. Do we have the right levels of transparency for citizens to know what data is being collected,...
You’ve probably seen any number of stories about how some founder in Silicon Valley says their startup can tackle a big societal problem better and cheaper than the public sector because government just can’t do anything right. Or maybe you’ve heard about a public sector executive immediately dismissing an idea that came from the private...
How do we get stuff done? If there’s a broader theme for this season of the podcast, it’s that. How do we get unstuck from the mud that we seem to be in, and get on with actually realizing our digital ambitions in government? It would be easy to chase the next big digital technology....
Can government do the things that it says it is going to do? One of the hardest things that public servants have to do is implement and it gets to the heart of a state’s capacity to deliver. In the digital era, that means being able to deliver digitally. And when we think about state...

Let’s Think Digital is a podcast about what it takes to use digital technologies to transform our world to improve peoples’ lives. 

Hosted by Ryan Androsoff, Founder of Think Digital, and an incredible community of digital innovators from all walks of life, this podcast goes beyond the hype of founder culture. Our focus isn’t just user counts, funding rounds and quarterly profits. Instead we’re going to talk about why systems resist change, and how transformation is just as much about people and culture as it is about tech stacks.

You’ll hear a wide range of topics, from the link between procurement and digital government, to the impact of new technologies like the metaverse. From equity, inclusion and ethical responsibilities for tech, to why governments can’t be run like businesses, particularly when it comes to providing digital services to citizens. We’re eager to talk about the political and philosophical ramifications of technology and what it means for the future of government. Our goal is to help you to learn about how digital is impacting our world, to ask better questions, and to be able to call bullshit when you need to!

Podcast Team

Ryan Androsoff
Host and Executive Producer
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Wayne Chu
Senior Producer

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Mel Han
Communications Assistant
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Aislinn Bornais
Research Assistant
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