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Winter Fedyk


Expertise: Policy development, Cabinet decision making, project management, and digital transformation of social programs (income assistance).

About Winter

Winter is the Director of Silo Strategy, a project management and public policy firm that works with senior leaders and decision makers to realize their vision for better government and communities. She is on the Board of Directors of Code for Canada, a national non-profit that enables better digital government services and empowers communities to solve civic challenges. Prior to founding Silo Strategy, Winter worked in the public sector for 20 years and has experience at the federal, provincial, and territorial levels in Ottawa, Regina, and Iqaluit. She is a graduate of the Queen’s University Master of Public Administration program in 2004 and won the national IBM-Institute of Public Administration of Canada’s Social Leadership award in 2018 for her role in organizing the Public Policy Book Club in Regina. Winter likes connecting people and ideas to hasten the revolution.

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