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Nicholas Scott


Expertise: Innovation adoption, human centred design, user-research, digital accelerators, and collaboration.

About Nicholas

Since 2012 Nick Scott has been leading transformational change in the public sector.

Most recently, he worked for the Government of Canada as the Director of Innovation Services at the Canada School for Public Service’s Digital Academy. In this role, Nick led the Digital Accelerator Programme, Digital Experimentation, Digital Products, and Digital Events and Engagement.

Formerly, Nick worked at the Government of New Brunswick as Executive Director of Open Government and Innovation. In this role, he led Innovation and Design Services, established an Innovation Team, a collaborative workspace and a public innovation framework, facilitating initiatives addressing mobility, literacy, second language acquisition, natural resource development, municipal reform, and child protection.

Previously in his role as Executive Director of the NB Social Policy Research Network, Nick launched the GovMaker Conference to explore the theory and practice of public innovation and co-founded NouLAB; a public and social innovation lab facilitating collaborative problem-solving across sectors.

Nick is part time lecturer at the University of New Brunswick where he teaches Technology and Social Change, and Leadership for Social Innovation.

In the Middle East Nick has served as jury member in Dubai for the Dubai Model Centre and Hamdan Hub service innovation awards programme since 2017 and most recently as an Government CX assessor for the Abu Dhabi Executive Office.

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